Comparing Peyronies Treament And Methods

Traction Devices

SizeGenetics - Best Traction Device for Peyronies

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Traction devices are authenticated medical class 1 peyronie’s cure which can help in straightening the penis.
Originally designed over 15 years ago in Klampenborg, Denmark, penile traction devices were initially created to help treat micro-penis syndrome; a condition in which a penis under 1 inch in erect length is steadily stretched over a prolonged period of time to enlarge it.
The same manner of device has since been approved as a cure for peyronies and bent penis syndrome for several years. By adding increased traction along one side of the penis, the penis can be steadily straightened.
Although this method of penile straightening can take up to 6 months, traction devices have been shown to have a therapeutic element to them, helping to strengthen the penile shaft and improve penile blood flow (leading to stronger & straighter erections).

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The Peyronies Device - Certified Class 1 Medical Device

While most extenders focus on length gains, The Peyronies Device is one of the only products that focuses on correct curvatures and helping against peyronies disease.

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Sizegenetics is Endorsed by doctors across the globe

SizeGenetics™ have been used by real medical professionals to help thousands of people around the world to straighten their penis.

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And Yes, I have used it to cure my Peyronies problem 4 years ago. Since then I have heard happy stories from those who have tried it based on my recommendation !

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Drug Treatment

penis pills for peyronies

Drugs used to treat peyronies desease can include Vitamin E, Tamoxifen and steroid injections.

As a cure for peyronies, it is still open to debate as to whether drugs can still help due to the amount of limited evidence currently around to support it as an appropriate treatment.

The use of drugs are worth considering in cases where the peyronie’s disease is caught early and in young people. However even in these cases, drugs should only be used as part of a complete treatment programme and when prescribed by a doctor.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

shockwave treatment for peyronies

Originally used in the treatment of kidney stones, recent studies in Europe have shown promising studies that extracorporeal (i.e. outside the body) shockwaves can help in the breaking down of the peyronies desease lump, thus allowing the penis to straighten itself.

However despite initially promising results, this peyronies treatment is still under investigation and offered only in the most extreme circumstances.

Peyronies surgery

surgery as a peyronies treatment

Because peyronie’s disease can vary in both size and severity, a variety of peyronies surgery procedures can often be used to help solve the condition.

However many medical professionals will only recommend peyronies surgery in cases where the peyronie’s disease has been present for over a year and has not changed within a three month period, otherwise the condition may get worse even after surgery.

Although surgery can be very successful, it is important to understand that penis surgery of any kind can lead to risks. Infection, erectile dysfunction and loss of sensation are just some of the possible side effects of peyronies surgery.

As a result, peyronies surgery should only be considered as a last resort.


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