Your Penis Extender Questions Answered !

We received many emails from our readers requesting general information about Penis Enlargement devices everyday.

While some of the questions are unique, we feel that it will benefit the general public to have a compiled list of the most commonly asked questions.

It is our hope that you could get some of your questions answered by going through our compiled list and let us know if you have questions that are not listed below :-


What Is a Penis Extender ? How Can It Help Me ?

Penis Extenders uses the principal of traction to assist the human body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence.

Contemporary Orthopedic surgery uses this same principle to lengthen or straighten fingers and legs. It is also used to force the body to grow fresh skin to cover tissue defects of the face.

By being exposed to a regular but gradual traction, the cells in the penis chambers begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass - This process enable the penis to hold more blood than it could before. As a result, enlargement can be noticed in both length and width (girth) of the penis.

This method of Penis Enlargement is proven to work.. So the question lies in which one you choose to use.

Take your time, do your own research and decide on the best device to use.


I heard that Penis Extenders can be dangerous. How true is it ?

There are penis extenders (like the ones we recommend here) that are incredibly effective and can give you the desirable gains that you always wanted in a short time. However, there are others that are unsafe to use and could even cause injury or permanent damage to your penis.

So how do you differentiate the good and the bad ones ?

Easy ! all you have to do is look for the devices that have been clinically proven, certified as a Medical Type 1 device, carry the CE mark and have been developed by renowed doctors known in the field. 

In our Review, we have given you the best 3 products that satisfied these criterias and more.

What are the Benefits of Penis Extender ?

The benefit of using a Penis Extender or Penis tracion device is obvious.
It is the best choice if those who want to have a permanent penis enlargement but afraid to go for a Surgery (for very obvious reasons).

Other methods of Penis Enlargement available on the market, such as Penis Pills might have side-effects to the body (especially for unknown brands) and results are not permanent. 

Another popularly and risky method such as the use of Pumps are known to cause injury or even permanent damage to the penis.. Penis Extenders works without any harmful effect on the body and traction is control by the user gradually at his own pace.

The following benefits have been reported :

  • Clinically proven to increase penis size based on Traction Principles
  • Clinically proven to correct peyronies
  • Cost effective as compare to surgery
  • Provide Lasting Gains
  • Approved medical type 1 device carrying the CE mark


Why use Penis Extender if pills are just as effective as stated on your site ?

We get this question over and over again.

We recommend pills but have always stressed that Pills will not give you Penis Enlargement on its own.
The more respectable penis pills that we recommend (such as Prosolution) offers very good Penis Enhancement results even from members of our own team.

They are able to increase the bloodflow to your penis - Whilst this will not enlarge your penis alone, it can help to massively speed up and enhance the gains. It is a very good substitute to Bio-chemical products such as the Viagra in general (We do not like bio-chemical products)..

Herbs in general have little side effects to the body as compared to products bio-chemical contents.. However, for Pills to be effective long term you need to combine it with the right Penis Exercise routine or use in-conjunction with Penis Extenders such as SizeGenetics system.

So, the bottom line is, Penis Pills won't enlarge your penis on their own. On their own the most they will do is help you with erections by increasing your penis's blood flow.

Concentrate on the exercises at first and then try the pills if you decide you want gains more quickly with them.

Pills are great if you are already performing natural exercises or using a device such as the SizeGenetics as they can help to speed up your gains.


Are these Guarantee's legitimate ?

The top sites offer guarantees that you will see results, however, there are likely to be some conditions to this.

You may need to satisfy certain criteria before you will be refunded, such as using the product/ program for a set amount of time, or request the refund within a certain time period.

It is always wise to check the terms of a guarantee before you accept this as a reason to take a product.

In addition, if you have any questions, contact the company for more information.

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"Thanks for all the tips & recommendation on the ` Penis Enlargement Exposed Website.

I haven't quite managed to get the 2" or so that you achieved but I have gain 1/2 " after just slightly more then a month following the exact Penis Health step-by-step instructions which is mighty impressive already.

Considering the fact that I only started looking into the Net for a solution to my problems merely 5 weeks ago.

I have started using Sizegenetics & will post my results soon"


Nicolas    Pohardy, 

Barcelona, Spain