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penis enlargement warning !Warning : This Technique will result in Permanent Penis Enlargement. The result is Irreversible. 

Do not attempt if you are unsure of whether you can cope with a Larger Penis for life. In this case, there are  OTHER methods  to suit your needs.


There are many types of Penis Extenders or Penis Traction Devices available in the market today, and most of them work on the principle of cellular division and multiplication. This simply means that a small amount of stretch is applied to the penis shaft forcing the skin tissue to expand.

This method causes the tissue around it to regenerate resulting in Permanent Penis Enlargement. This technique is used in countless medical procedures and for centuries has enlarged body parts (not limited to the penis) of people from many cultures.

A Kayan woman with neck rings.

For example, the Kayan tribes from the country of Myanmar and Thailand use rings to elongate their necks over time (right).

This method of penis enlargement is by far, the most effective (other then surgery) and provides a Permanent Solution  as compared to other methods reviewed so far.

It is also much safer with negligible risk as compared to expensive surgery and provide one of the fastest way to gain permanent length and girth compared to all other do-it-yourself methods. 

Most of our readers who choses this path reported gains of 2 to 3 inches in permanent gains (length) and a width gain of above 35%.

If you decide to buy a Penis Extender , do look out for the quality of the device, level of guarantee the manufacturer promises and make sure that it is safe and clinically approved to use. It is also important to obtain reviews from people who have already used it before.

Do Your Research, use our Reviews and we'll help you Get There !

The Best Penis Extenders

 Top Penis Extenders - Our Picks

A penis extender is often recommended to the patient after undergoing Penis extension Surgery to help him maintain its "improved" penis girth and length.

For those of you still considering Penile Surgery as an viable option, do note that any penile lengthening surgery costs you between $4000 - $6,000 while penile widening, from $7,000 - $8,000. (Penile widening is generally more expensive because of the filler materials used.) Penis extender on the other hand Cost much lesser and yet very effective if use correctly with a good device. -- The results are the same - Permanent Penis Enlargement, but much cheaper.

We have pick the Top 3 Best Performers and review them side by side. These are the Best devices based on our research and we hope that you will find one among them that will help you achieve your goals.

#1 - Sizegenetics

Sizegenetics - The Best Penis Extender in the World

Sizegenetic™ Review
Compare Sizegenetic™
Official Website


     #2 - Jes-Extender

#2 Penis Extender - one of the best in the market

Jes-Extender™ Review
Compare Jes-Extender™
Official Website


  #3 - Ultimate Stretcher

Ultimate Stretcher - Affordable yet not losing out in quality

Ultimate Stretcher™ Review
Compare Ultimate Stretcher™
Official Website

Top Penis Extender Review

     Our research is based on the following:

  • Effectiveness of the product based on Real customers feedbacks 
  • Quality of the Material used 
  • Reliability and reputation of the merchants. 
  • Good money back guarantees offered by merchants 
  • Quality of bonuses offered ( example : free penis enlargement exercises & videos) 
  • Overall effectiveness of the device and Value For Your Money 



Top Pick

Sizegenetics - The Best Penis Extender ever existed

CE + Medical Type 1 device


Interview with Jonathan Ross 


  Discount Code : SGSC50 


Detail Review


Manufactured & Distributed By:

Permenda Ltd
Park Lane Business Centre
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Great Britain

Order By Calling : 1-800-209-1670  (US)

Authorization Code- 107798

First Place: Sizegenetics

*** 50 % Discount expires soon! ***

I only endorses the very best. Extenders are clinically tested to work AND SizeGenetics is the best on the market !

What it is ?

SizeGenetics™ was originally developed by a medical professional named Dr. JÖrn Ege Siana to aid the healing process following penile surgery. Several clinical studies soon took place which established that enlargement could be achieved by men who had not undergone any penis surgery. -- just the right tool could give similar results too (and of course very much cheaper for the consumer too).


Why Choose Sizegenetics ?


Other 'unregulated' devices can injure and pills just increase bloodflow, the SizeGenetics™ system attacks male enhancement from 4 different angles.

Sizegenetics is considered by many in the industry as "The Rolls Royce of enlargement devices".
  • Most Penis Extenders works and look similarly. However, cheap parts, unregulated markets, inadequate testing and the lack of manufacturer knowledge mean that there are many devices out there which look similiar to the SizeGenetics™ device, but produce vastly different and inferior results. 
  • The SizeGenetics™ is classifed as a medical type 1 device and carries the European CE mark which is only awarded to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union. 

Penis Enlargment Results:  Up to 3" increase in length & a 30% gain in girth. Ranks #1 in penis enlargement results.

Customer Testimonials:  Yes. See Sizegenetics testimonials. 

Reputation: Top in the name of Penis Enlargement.

Quality : Very Good.

Guarantee:  6 Months 100% money back. Read More About Sizegenetics Guarantee Here.

Side Effects:  None with proper use.

Quality of Bonuses :  Very Good

  • PenisHealth™ male enhancement DVD (Worth $99) 
  • Instant Online Access to Exclusive PenisHealth™ Members Area. 
  • Better Sex DVD guide.                   
  • Online access (Lifetime) to Lovecentria™ ( worth : priceless ! )  - Lovecentria™ was recently featured in the New York Times, and most of the DVD's and secret techniques have never been released online, until now! 
  • Up to 30% discount on market leading male enhancement pills ProSolution™  - These pills will not enlarge your penis permanently alone but when used with the device they can bring bigger gains quicker by improving the blood flow to your penis.
  • Lifetime MensForte Access ( Usual price : $29.99 per a month ) - Daily updates on dating, fitness, entertainment, money, business, travel and sex. A cross between Playboy, Maxim, MensHealth and the financial times. A great complimentary addition. 

Customer Support:  24 hour trained customer support.

Price:   System : $389.85
  Device Only : $350.00

** 50% discount. Limited Time Only (Click Here Now)

Overall Rating :  prosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-stars

Official Website:  www . sizegenetics . com

Official SizeGenetics Homepage - #1 Penis Extender

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  Jes-Extender - The #2 device  
CE + Medical Type 1 device  

  Detail Review


Manufactured & Distributed By:

Danamedic of Copenhagen  Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery
Toldbodgade 31DK-1253 Copenhagen K.Denmark

Order By Calling :
1-800-480-3978 (US)
0115 979 8439 (UK)

Authorization Code- 107798

Runner Up : Jes-Extender  

What it is ?

The Jes-Extender was the Original Penis Traction device available commercially and certified by the Danish Ministry of Health and has the European CE Mark (a safety mark).     * Many third-party vendors purchase this extender and repackaged under their own brand names to include different tie-ins.

Designed and produced by Danamedic of Copenhagen, it is used by physicians in over 29 countries including 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Spain. Many well-known Penis Traction Devices/ Extenders in the market today are in fact the Danamedic product being sold under a different name.

** This product is on par with the best in the market. We rank it #2 mainly because of the lack of bonus materials compared to the Sizegenetic™ System as well as a lack of a comfort mechanism as good as the  Sizegenetic™ that might be feel by the user after wearing it for a long hours.

Why Choose Jes-Extender ?

  • The Jes-Extender is a Medical Type 1 device carrying the European CE Health stamp. 
  • non-allergenic silicon and anti corrosive metals built to last. 
  • The only penis enlargement device to have been featured at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. This is a highly respected gathering of urologists (medical professionals specializing in sexual organ health). 
  • The device has been tested (preliminary) by Dr. Ruiz Romero on Peyromie's disease, who presented his results at the international Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in Sitges, Spain, April 6-8 1998 
  • Recovered erectile dysfunction in 61% of users. 
  • Sensitivity Recovered in 90% of users. 
  • Improved the penis size of 100,000 users. 
  • Corrects penis curvature 

Penis Enlargment Results:  Up to 3" increase in length & a 30% gain in girth ( * latest -  but up to 44% recorded)..

Customer Testimonials:  Yes. See Jes-Extender testimonials.

Reputation: Top in the industry .

Quality :  Very Good (The First Penis Extender in the world ).

Guarantee:  2 year warranty on the Original Edition (lifetime warranty is offered on the Gold Edition).

Side Effects:  None with proper use.

Quality of Bonuses :  Good

  • Detailed DVD instruction manual 

Customer Support: Phone & Email.

Price:  $249.99 (Light edition)
           $299.99 (with Nitin Coating)
           $459.99 (with Sterling Silver Coating)
           $579.99 (24 carat gold plated )  
           $249.99 (Light edition)

Overall Rating : prosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starspenis enlargement products rating

Official Website:  www . jesextender . com

Official Jes-Extender Homepage - The Original Penis Traction Device , 1st in the World !

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Ultimate Stretcher

CE + Medical Type 1 device


Detail Review 


Manufactured & Distributed By:

America Andromedical Corp
1308 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington,
De-19806 (USA)

Europe & Middle East Andromedical
Proción 7, 28023 Madrid (Spain)

Support : 1800 -209-1670

Order By Calling : 
1-800-209-1670 (US)
0115 979 8446 (UK)

Authorization Code- 107798

Third Place:  Ultimate Stretcher 

What it is ?

The Ultimate Stretcher™ is the lowest priced penis extender we have reviewed so far. At under $200, it boasts a built and quality similar to the Top 2 devices reviewed here. The main difference lies in the lack of bonus materials and to present to the budget conscious as a No Fuss, No nonsense penis extender retaining only the must-have features that a good penis extender should have. Another thing to note is that it is not built with a comfort mechanism like the Sizegenetics which is a Major Draw Back for those who use it for a longer period of time.

The Ultimate Stretcher™ is classified by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Type 1 Device and carries the CE sign. Originally developed as a post-operative aid for penile enlargement surgery, it has been extensively tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Why Choose Ultimate-Stretcher ?

  • It is manufactured with the highest quality medical standards ( ISO13485:2003 and ISO90001:2000 ). 
  • Respected urologists have carried out medical studies using the Ultimate Stretcher device with patients for penile enlargement, curvatures correction treatments and post surgical treatments -- All Objectives Met. 
  • Recommend by World renowned doctors such as Dr. Carlos A. Villanueva Diaz, Dr. Moncada, Dr. Li Zheng, Dr. Ruslan Petrovich. 
  • Affordable and guarantee to work. 

Penis Enlargment Results:
- Average increase of close to 30% in penis length.
- Correct up to 70% in penile deviations or curvatures.

Customer Testimonials:  Yes. See Ultimate Stretcher testimonials.

Reputation: Highly reputable company.

Quality of Ingredients:  good.

Guarantee:  6 Months 100% money back.

Side Effects:  None.

Quality of Bonuses : Lack bonus but given free spare parts.

Customer Support: Phone & Online Form..

Price:  $149.95 (device only) .

Overall Rating : prosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starsprosolution-pills-5-starspenis enlargement products ratingpenis enlargement products rating

Official Website:
www . UltimateStretcher .com

 Ultimate-Stretcher Official Homepage - The No Fuss System that Works !


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Penis Extenders - A Side-by-Side Comparison 

View Comparison Chart Here.   View Comparison Chart Here. 

Penis Extender  is a device that work based on the same principle of traction used in Orthopedic surgeries. This principle states that when human tissue is exposed to a traction force, it reacts by increasing its size.

Recognising the above fact, Most manufacturer came out with a variety of penis extenders with statements of "100% guarantee" that it will work. And It DOES WORK because it is proven to work.

The rush by product manufacturers, however, resulted in many 'unregulated' devices made with inferior materials to cut cost. With inadequate testing and the lack of manufacturer knowledge mean that there are many devices out there which look similiar (imitation) to even the Top devices out there, but produce vastly different , inferior results which might cause injury to your penis.

We recognise that the Penis is a Man's vital organ. We strive to give you honest and non-biased review based on extensive research on its features, safey mechanism; vigorous testing it out ourselves and an ongoing process of gathering feedbacks from our readers.

In reality, there are really only 3 Brand names that is worth considering if you are looking for a quality penis extender. All 3 products are research by the top of the crop world renowed institution of penile surgery and you can rest assured that they are safe to use and guarantee to work.. No Doubt About It !

  • SizeGenetics  - Higher priced. but better quality with a unique comfort strap not available with other products. Many of our readers claim that the quality bonus that came with it (namely Penis Health) have help them in their goals of archiving a better sex life, not just an enhanced penis ! 
  • Jes Extender - Range of different prices to suit different budgets; good quality and good results. We rank it a little lower then SizeGenetics due to the quality of bonus materials and comfort mechanism that SizeGenetics provide. 
  • Ultimate Stretcher - This is a good, low cost budget option if you are on a tight budget but still desire a well made , proven device. This is Penis Extender without the fluff - Not the System Concept The SizeGenetics and Jes-Extender is trying to promote.

The Top 3 Penis Extenders

Extenders  Comparison

Sizegenetics - The Top Penis Extender of our choice  


Rank #2 in the Penis Enlargement Industry



Ultimate Stretcher - Affordable yet reliable


  Detail Review    Detail Review   Detail Review
Product Name








Overall User Rating penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review   penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement products rating    penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement review penis enlargement products rating  
Visit Product Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site
Length Gain 1-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches
Girth Gain Up to 30%  Up to 30%  Up to 30% 
Erection Power Excellent Excellent Excellent
Libido Increase Improved Improved None Reported
Side Effects No No No
Reputation Very Good Very Good Very Good
Comfort Mechanism Very Good Average No
Built Quality Very Good Very Good Good
Bonus Very Good Good Poor
Doctor Endorsement Yes Yes Yes
After-Sales Support Good Good Good
Money Back Guarantee 6 Months 2 Year to Lifetime  6 Months
Return Percentage Less than 0.5% Less than 1% Less than 0.5%
Ease of Refund Very Good Good Average
Shipping Time Good Good Good
Price From $350.00 From $249.99 $149.95
Shipping Cost Free Yes /$45 Yes /$20

Visit Product Site

Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site
Read Our Full Review Read More Read More Read More
*   Rate These Products Rate Product Rate Product Rate Product

* Please only vote on these products if you have used them and have experience with them.

  penis enlargement products review  Our  TOP  Penis Extender: Sizegenetics 

  * Please note that the above figures are based on user input.


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"Thanks for all the tips & recommendation on the ` Penis Enlargement Exposed Website.

I haven't quite managed to get the 2" or so that you achieved but I have gain 1/2 " after just slightly more then a month following the exact Penis Health step-by-step instructions which is mighty impressive already.

Considering the fact that I only started looking into the Net for a solution to my problems merely 5 weeks ago.

I have started using Sizegenetics & will post my results soon"


Nicolas    Pohardy, 

Barcelona, Spain