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Are you unhappy with your penis size, have tried all ways you could think of to improve the situation, and yet NOT A SINGLE ONE WORKS ? If your answer is yes, we congratulate you in finding our website.

Why do we say that ? This is because many of our readers (as well as our webmaster) have the same problem like you do. They have tried many ways but failed and eventually found one method that finally work. We objective here is to show you what works for us, and it is our wish that by doing so, it will shorten the time for you to finally find a method that work best for you. penis enlargement success story

Penis size affects self confidence and intimate relationships. As a result, dissatisfaction with penis size is one of the top reasons given by men for a poor sex life, and dissatisfaction with partner's penis size is among the top reasons given by women for disappointment in bed.

Yet despite how the issue of penis size affect both men and women, we hardly talk about it with friends or your family members.

Who wants to draw more attention to this embarassing problem that only you yourself knows best ? Even if you have the nerve to bring this up with your doctor, chances are you will find little sympathy or interest from him/her because, until recently, dissatisfaction with penis size has been largely ignored by the medical field. 

However, pioneering medical science has recognized just how important penis size can be to a man's self-confidence, fulfilling sex life and, ultimately, to overall mental health. This results in tremendous advances made in the field of penis health and enhancement research.

However, such advances also results in vast amounts of information about the topic and many different products, all claiming to give you the results you want. So how can you tell which information to believe, and what products to trust ?

   “We Have Done The Homework For You”

There are only a few methods for penis enlargement that works. Everyone who has done a little reading knows about them all. Some of these methods, although are common, but are dangerous while others are ineffective.

We have been in this industry for many years and understand exactly what your problem is and what you are looking for. We researched all the medical science advances in this area and presented them here in easy to understand terminology.

So here’s the Real Deal on penis enlargement, what works and what not.. We Give Them All To You.


   “Avoid These Methods At All Costs ! ”


Dangerous Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis pumps

Avoid Penis Enlargement PumpsOne of the most common Penis Enlargement product on the Male Enhancement Market is no doubt The Penis Pump (frequently refer to as "Vacuum pump" - which is how it works ). You can find them on the internet, in adult stores, magazines advertisements, and even in drug stores.

The pumps work by creating a vaccuum around the penis by sealing the penis in an airtight tube. The negative pressure then pulls blood (and lymphatic fluid) into the penis and inflates it. The process takes about a minute and the results can be very impressive. The trouble is, as soon as you remove the tube, the penis wants to revert back to its normal size.

You can staunch the outflow of blood and lymphatic fluid by fitting a constriction ring around the base of your penis. This generally allows the penis to maintain its expanded girth for a few minutes, sufficient for insertion and at least one change of position before you have to pump it up again.

Because pumps draw blood into the penis and make it swell, they're useful in the treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction). This may create an illusion of a larger penis, but the results are seldom permanent  . Repeated use can damage elastic tissues in the penis, leading to less-firm erections.

Some men may even find that if they use a penis pump over a period of time, they will be unable to get an erection without using the pump. 


Using Weights

No Using WeightsThis method might work, but it hurts you more then it helps ! This technique has been used for hundreds of years and yet, we can see people using it today.

Totally unbeliable !! As the name implies, this involves hanging weights from the penis in an attempt to stretch it with the help of `gravity'. This is one of the most dangerous forms of penis enlargement that only "Cave Men" use.

The hanging weights swings at the slightest movement and accident could happen easily. No wonder hospitals in the USA alone receive hundreds of visits from patients a year who have had a less successful experience with weight hanging.

It is also extremely painful and could cause damage such as torn ligaments, cutting, scarring, bruising, and complete loss of circulation.
This method can also cause decrease in blood circulation to the penis, which can lead to serious problems including tissue damage.


Penile Surgery

Avoid Risky Penis SurgeryIf you don't mind the hefy surgery fees and high risk involve in a penis surgery, you might consider this path. - We want to emphasis that this is the most expensive of all enlargement options, usually costing thousands for even the most basic procedures.

Studies have shown that Surgery may at best add an average of half an inch to the length of the flaccid penis and may not add any length to the erect penis.

** n.b : The American Urological Association, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASPS) have all issued policy statements against cosmetic surgical procedures to enhance the penis.



“These Methods Works. But Are They What You're Looking For ?”

Penis Enhancement Pills : 

Penis Pills - Are They Right For You ? These usually contain herbs & Vitamins that claims to enlarge the penis. Using certain herbs, pills are able to make the penis look fuller and "appears" larger and longer by pushing blood into the penis tissue.

Not all of these products has been shown to be effective and some unreputed brands offer cheap pills that might cause allergic reaction due to the unknown ingredients used. We reviewed some of the products in this category that we have tested ourselves.

** It is important to know that Pills will only help you to achieved a firmer erections during sex (just like Viagra) but can't be used solely as a penis enlargement product ! Many uses herbal pills to avoid the side effects of the more popular bio-chemical products (such as Viagra.)

We only recommend Herbal pills of Natural Ingredients.     Read  More  ...


Penis Enhancement Patches: 

Penis Patches - Are they For You ? Patches are very similar to Pills. They are mostly herbal in nature but instead of taken orally, it make use of transdermal delivery i.e. the patch is pasted to your skin so that medication could be delivered to your body.

There are No Clinical evidence to prove that penis patches do work as said. It is a product that is still relatively new on the male enhancement industry and most often, the promotion we see on websites that put Penis Patches as a highly effective method of Penis Enlargement are usually filled with hypes which we have pointed out to our readers time and again.

We have provided an unbiased review of some of the Top Brands in this market...    Read More ... 

 quot Pills and Patches DO NOT give you permanent results.. qu2


Guaranteed Methods That Works

Penis Extenders (Penis Traction Devices) : 

Penis Extenders This method if penis enlargement is by far, the most effective (other then surgery) and provides a Permanent Solution (as contrast to taking pills, patches).

This devices make use of the well-known JELQING technique - a proven exercise technique for the penis. Most of our readers who choses this parth reported gains of 2 to 3 inches in permanent gains (length) and a width gain of above 35%.

And this is the whole truth about penis enlargement methods. If you were wondering about what’s the best way to go about penis enlargement, what works and what doesn't , now you know and you can make your choice easier!     Read  More  ...


Penis Enlargement Exercise Program : 

Penis Exercise Program  They do work, but it do take some time before you could see results!
Penis exercises are an inexpensive, safe and effective way to enlarge your penis.

It is very possible that this method has been used for hundreds or thousand of years for penis enlargement, but no real research has been attempted to shed light on thi  s subject.

Penis exercises work brilliantly and they come with the added bonus of giving you a lot more than a longer, thicker penis : in your quest of achieving your goals, you will also get to understand your body, your penis and its reactions better, adding more pleasure to your sex life.     Read More ...


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"Thanks for all the tips & recommendation on the ` Penis Enlargement Exposed Website.

I haven't quite managed to get the 2" or so that you achieved but I have gain 1/2 " after just slightly more then a month following the exact Penis Health step-by-step instructions which is mighty impressive already.

Considering the fact that I only started looking into the Net for a solution to my problems merely 5 weeks ago.

I have started using Sizegenetics & will post my results soon"


Nicolas    Pohardy, 

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